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The   oice School

Andrea Duncan is the director of Speech.She is a graduate of the Guildhall school of music and Drama and has many years experience as an actress and tutor

Niall is the director of singing. He is a graduate of the Guildford conservatoire and has played numerous leading roles both in the west end of London and around the world.

At the Voice school we provide a fresh approach to vocal coaching by combining speech and singing to create a confident all round professional communicator.We work to create a firm technical foundation in both of the key vocal disciplines within an enjoyable safe environment.Our workshops,corporate training days,classes and private tuition help to boost confidence and our techniques give clients and students the ability to present themselves in a positive way.

The Voice School was founded by Niall Gelder-Stones and Andrea Duncan whom after many years of being involved in professional theatre  realized there was a place in the teaching arena for a school dedicated solely to the study of the voice.

They are members of the  Voice Care Network ,the Association of Teachers of Singing and the Society of the Teachers of Speech and Drama.

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Niall Gelder-Stones

Andrea Duncan