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Thank you for your interest in the opening of The Buckingham Academy of Performing Arts and its associated Buckingham Glee Club and Youth Theatre.

We are very excited to be opening on Saturday June 18th and the Academy will run from The Buckingham Youth Centre, London Rd, Buckingham. MK18 1AS (Next to the Swan Pools). Parking available.

As we are mid way through this school term we have decided to start by initially running the Academy from 2 pm until 5 pm. We will be aiming to run a much increased timetable from September. For the remainder of this term we will be offering a 2 hour session for ages 7yrs upwards followed by a ‘nominated’ 1 hour session for the older students.

The students will be separated into age groups of 7-9,10-13 and 14+.

The 2 hour session will then be split down into 3 forty minute classes; Acting, Dancing and Singing lessons.By working this way it means that all students no matter what age will receive a great grounding in all three disciplines and then the younger students who may find it difficult to maintain a 3 hour session can depart after the 2 hours and the older students are then left to work for the final hour on one of the disciplines in more detail.

From September we would like the older students to nominate which skill they would prefer to study for the whole term so we can work with them in much more detail than normal class time would usually allow; working towards the production of plays/dance shows and singing events which we would aim to show at the end of the term; however for the remainder of this term we are asking the students to choose either Acting/Drama in order to work on acting pieces with Andrea or to work on Glee song and dance routines with Niall and Eloise. We can then aim to show you all at the end of the term what we have been working on.

Please let us know if your child would like to attend on the 18th so we have a rough estimate of numbers and ages and we will have application and enrolment forms available to complete on the day. If class sizes are such that we reach capacity we will operate a waiting list policy, this will function on a first come first served basis.

Also please follow ‘The Voice School’ on TWITTER and FACEBOOK as we will post regular updates and information on these sites.

Thanks again and if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Niall & Andrea