About us


If your child loves to perform and has a large imagination, or you would like your child to gain confidence and make new friends, then The Drama Gym is for you. We specialise in scripted performances and improvisation.

Here is a sample of what some of the students and parents have said:

“I have never seen Vanieztia so excited and enthusiastic as she has been this week.

So worthwhile.

Well done everyone.”

“Thank you for helping us make up our play and for building up our confidence.”

“Lucy came back the first day very happy with a huge smile, and kept being very excited during the whole course.

Loved the fact that they invent their stories themselves.

Very impressed with the show.

Well done! Keep a space for Lucy next year please!”

"Charlie has had an incredible, amazing, wonderful time over the past four days.

His self-expression, esteem and confidence has blossomed from your summer academy and from attending Drama Gym.

Thank you.”

Unlike most other performing arts clubs for children, we are not a franchise and we only offer drama.

The business has been established for twelve years and consists of drama classes for 6 to 15 year olds.

The Drama Gym focuses on improvisation and performance skills. In every class we believe in having fun, learning new techniques, gaining confidence and exercising our imaginations!